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Iran demonstrates Avtobaza-M ELINT system
Iran demonstrated new Russian Avtobaza-M electronic intelligence (ELINT) systems at a military parade, according to Iranian Mashgregh News agency.
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Scale-models of the Russian Avtobaza-M electronic intelligence (ELINT) systems (Photo Vitaly Kuzmin)
Two Avtobaza-M mobile passive ELINT systems took part in the military parade on April 17. The system is intended to detect and track various aerial targets, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) by analyzing their radio emissions. Avtobaza-M has a maximum effective range of approximately 400 km. According to the open sources, the delivery of the aforementioned ELINT systems to Iran was confirmed in October 2011. Iranian military reportedly used Avtobaza-M to track signals in Syria

Iran also demonstrated the components of S-300PMU1 (NATO reporting name: SA-20 Gorgoyle) air defense system (ADS), namely, 64N6 surveillance radar at the parade. The radar was installed on separate trailers being pulled by civilian trucks. Nevertheless, Iranian military did not demonstrate other components of S-300PMU1, such as 30N6 engagement radar, 5P85SE/5P85TE self-propelled (or trailer-based) launchers, 48N6E surface-to-air missiles (SAM) or 76N6 air search radar.

It should be noted that Iran is developing its own long-range ADS reportedly based on S-300. It is designated as Bavar-373. Previously, the chief of Iranian air defenses, Brigadier General Farzad Esmaili mentioned that another indigenous SAM system, namely, Talash was also being developed. He pointed out that that development of both systems was to be completed by the end of 2016. Esmaili did not mention the specifications of both systems.

Iranian military did not demonstrate even components of Bavar-373 and Talash system at the aforementioned parade, raising questions about the future of both programs. Nevertheless, the parade saw indigenously developed Hafez phased array radar of the Mersad SAM system (it is supposed to be copy of the US MIM-23 Hawk SAM system) and Sayyad-2 land-based, canister-launched SAM missile (a copy of the US Standard Missile-1 (RIM-66) ship-based SAM).
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