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Kalashnikov Concern develops new tactical shotgun
Kalashnikov Concern (a subsidiary of the Rostec State Corporation) has developed new tactical 18.5 KS-K shotgun intended for military units and law enforcement agencies, according to a source in Russian defense industry.
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18.5 KS-K tactical shotgun showcased at Idex 2015
"Kalashnikov Concern is continuing to develop shotguns intended for close combat. The latest model is 18.5 KS-K in tactical configuration intended for both police and military Special Forces," the source said. He emphasized that the shotguns developed by the Concern are fed from detachable box magazine. "Such feeding scheme significantly increases the speed of reloading, saving health of servicemen. The Kalashnikov magazine-fed shotguns can be reloaded in three or four seconds," the source pointed out.

18.5 KS-K tactical shotgun (the source referred to it as to 'carbine') is based on Kalashnikov AK-100 series assault rifles. It is intended for military and law enforcements. The shotgun retains AK configuration, featuring small number of moving parts and the gas operating system with long-stroke piston. As a result, it is supposed to be highly reliable and abrasion resistant. 18.5 KS-K shotgun has received stock made of shockproof plastic and equipped with shock-absorbing rubber plate. The ergonomic pistol grip enhances the weapon`s accuracy and handling quality. The gas chamber of 18.5 KS-K features separate gas plug, which allows gearing of the weapon to various 12-gauge cartridges. The combination of 8-round detachable box magazine and bolt catcher increases the fire rate.

18.5 KS-K tactical shotgun features left side-located attaching lug for Warsaw Pact-standard scopes (also designated as 'swallow`s tail'), Picatinny rail system (both on the top of magazine-receiving cover and under the foregrip) and iron sights. All components of the firearm are made of coated alloys.

18.5 KS-K tactical shotgun has a length of 960 mm (720 mm with folded stock), a weight of 3.8 kg (without magazine and scope) and an effective firing range of 80 m (using lead bullets).
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