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Norway steps up contribution against ISIS
Norway will increase its contribution in the fight against the Islamic State. The Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, made the announcement stressing that ISIS is a threat to the country’s security as well, referring to the terrorist attacks in France, Belgium and Turkey. Oslo’s contribution will be under the UN Security Council’s resolution 2249 and will involve military and civilian engagements.
Norway steps up contribution against ISISA Norwegian soldier training Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers in Iraq (Photo: Norwegian Armed Forces)

Regarding the military involvement, the Minister of Defence Ine Erikse Soreide announced the deployment of 60 soldiers. All of them will be members of the special forces. They will be based in Jordan and will play an integral role in training, advising and supporting operationally local Syrian groups fighting against the Islamic State.

The Norwegian contingent would also have the mandate to carry out the same mission from the Syrian territory depending on the tactical situation’s requirements. Nevertheless, that would be decided separately by the parliament. In addition, the government will send a limited number of experts to study and provide know-how on the terrorists and their modus operandi.

The Norwegian government has also decided to step up its contribution in the civilian sector as well by committing to allocate EUR1.07 billion (NOK10 billion) in humanitarian aid over the next four years. In 2016, Oslo will offer EUR21.3 million (NOK200 million) to fund stabilization measures, in Syria and Iraq, and assist local population in areas previously held by ISIS. Another EUR5.3 million (NOK50 million) will be offered in landmine detection, mapping and clearance in the same areas.