Engine problem on Turkish Altay Main Battle Tank MBT (about to be) solved

President of SSB (Turkish Defense Industry) İsmail Demir recently stated that the engine problem faced by the Altay (indigenous Main Battle Tank) is now about to be solved.
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Altay MBT (Picture source: Army Recognition)

“The work to be done with a foreign country regarding Altay's engine has reached a very good point. An agreement has been signed. The work required will follow a certain process but it is possible to say that we have a "C" plan for the engine, a "C" after the "B". Of course, our ultimate goal for this tank engine is to make a national engine. As you know, the studies are going on, the engines are slowly coming out in various power ratings. ” expressions were included.

“We have a contract specifying T0 + 18 Months regarding the Altay Tank. T0 zero means the next stage for us after the prerequisites are met and ready for production. The company cannot start the T0 as long as it does not have a complete power pack (motor and transmission). In the event that the application for the power pack has not been concluded, this 0-month period does not start because we could not plan the T18. We had 18 months before we made public, we waited for the previous application to be concluded. This application has not encountered a positive or negative answer at this time and is pending. However, our alternative researches for the power pack are continuing rapidly, and we hope that it will result very soon. After the power pack is completed and the production line qualification is completed, the T0 phase will start, and then we will start the 18 month period”.