Morozov Company has delivered more BTR-4E 8x8 armored personnel carriers to Ukrainian army

According to news published on April 30, 2020, Ukrainian Company Kharkiv-based Morozov Design Bureau of Engineering, which is part of the Ukroboronprom group of companies, has transferred to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense another batch of five BTR-4E 8x8 armored personnel carriers.

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Ukrainian-made BTR-4E 8x8 armored vehicle personnel carrier. (Picture source Ukroboronprom)

The Morozov plant has already fulfilled 60% of the state contract – as of the end of April 28 armored personnel carriers out of 45 provided for by the 2019 state defense order had been manufactured and handed over to the military. The BTR-4E is the export version of the BTR-4, an 8x8 armoured vehicle personnel carrier (APC) designed by the Ukrainian Company Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau.

The BTR-4E can be fitted different types of weapon station, but the standard version is fitted with a remotely operated weapon station called BM-3 Shturm which is armed with one ZTM-1 30mm automatic cannon. Second armament of the turret includes one KT or PKT 7.62mm machine gun, one AG-17 30mm automatic grenade launcher mounted to the left side of the main armament.

The design of the BTR-4E is divided into three compartments with driver and commander seats at the front, engine and transmission in the middle and troops compartment at the rear. The vehicle has a crew of three and seven infantrymen can be carried at the rear of the vehicle.

The BTR-4E hull is protected against firing of small arms 7.62mm AP (Armour Piercing) caliber and artillery shell splinters, Level 2 STANAG 4569. The BTR-4E is also equipped with an anti-mine "skirt" which improves protection against mine blast and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). To increase protection of the vehicle, the turret and the sides can be fitted with slat armour to provide a higher level of protection against attack by rocket-propelled grenades and other weapons fitted with a HEAT warhead. There is also an add-on armour kit available offering all-around protection against weapons of 30mm caliber.