Serbia has performed firing test with new modernized Oganj 122mm MLRS rocket launcher

In April 2020, in the presence of the Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin and Acting Assistant Minister for Material Resources, Nenad Miloradović, PhD, members of the Mixed Artillery Brigade and the Technical Test Centre carried out a test missile firing of G2000 rockets from a modular OGANJ system with an LRSVM (Lanser Raketa Samohodni Visecevni Modularni or Multiple Launch Rocket System) M18 armoured cab.

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Firing test with new modernized Oganj 122 mm Multiple Launch Rocket System. (Picture source Serbia Mod)

Miloradović explains that the OGANJ modular launcher is in the final testing stage, and says that G2000 rockets were fired, which have been produced by our defence industry for a long time and are a significant export product.

The first stage of the OGANJ system modernization is already completed and it is serially produced now, and this is the second stage, which means that the modular OGANJ is a system that has undergone a major transformation getting an armoured cabin and is capable of firing all types of unguided artillery missiles that are a part of our armed forces’ armament, which are being produced and are about to be produced by our industry. It also has the ability to fire guided artillery missiles - said Miloradović.

This is not the first time the modular OGANJ system has fired a G2000 rocket, Miloradović points out, but it is the first firing in Serbia at a maximum range of about 40 kilometers, which was a good opportunity to test both electronic systems and rockets and the effects of the weapon and the missile used together. The G2000 is a new generation of 122 mm extended range rocket developed by Yugoimport based on original 122 mm rocket 9M22U which are fully compatible with BM-21, RM-70 and Serbian produced launchers MORAVA, SP MLRS 40. This rocket has a maximum firing range of 40 km.

Lieutenant Colonel Predrag Puhača of the Development and Equipping Department of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces points out that good firing results have been achieved.

We have achieved good results. The weapon and the rocket are in the stage of development and the rocket is about to be introduced into the armament of the Serbian Armed Forces, and will be used for long-range firing, about 40 kilometer-range, which is admirable compared to the previous one, which was used for 24 kilometers range maximum - says Lieutenant Colonel Puhača.

The missile firing by the modular OGANJ system was attended by the Head of the Development and Equipping Department of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, Brigadier General Milan Popović, Director of the Technical Test Centre, Colonel Slobodan Ilić, as well as the representatives of the “Jugoimport SDPR” Company.

Serbia has performed firing test with new modernized Oganj 122mm MLRS rocket launcher 925 002
New modernized Oganj multi-barrel rocket launcher system at Partner 2017, the International Fair of Armaments and Defense Equipment in Belgrade, Serbia. (Picture source Army Recognition)

In June 2017, during the Partner Defense Exhibition in Serbia, the state company Yugoimport has unveiled a new generation of Oganj multi-barrel rocket launcher system (MLRS) based on a 6x6 military truck chassis FAP 2026 fitted with new armour crew cab developed by Zastava offering protection against the firing of small arms 12.7mm heavy machine gun and artillery shell splinters.

The crew cab can accommodate four military personnel. There is two small bulletproof windows at the front and two doors on each side with one small bulletproof windows in the upper part. For its self-protection, the roof of the crew cab is fitted with an open-top turret which is armed with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun.

The rear part of the truck is fitted with a launcher station which is mounted on an electrically power-operated turntable which has a traverse of 360°. Different types of containers can be used to fire Oganj 50 km rockets, Kosava 1 and Kosava 2 rockets and the ALAS anti-tank guided missile. The new Oganj can also use the rocket container of the Morava MLRS.

The vehicle is fitted with the latest generation aiming system including INS, GPS and weapon control system. A new command unit is mounted on the vehicle for digital control of the existing analog servos.