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Milan ADT-ER

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MILAN ADT-ER Anti-tank missile weapon system


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MILAN ADT-ER is the latest development of the combat-proven MILAN weapon system that has already been selected by over 40 customers around the world.
Experience gained from recent conflicts has highlighted the need for a mobile weapon system featuring the versatility and lethality to engage various types of static and moving targets in both urban and open terrains. Today’s requirements are for a weapon that combines lethality and precision and the ability to address all the threats confronted on the battlefield, from the most heavily armed moving tank to alternative targets such as fortifications and infrastructures. Based on the concept of Semi Automatic Command to Line Of Sight (SACLOS) with permanent Man In The Loop (MITL) the weapon system MILAN ADT-ER complies with the increasingly complex rules of engagement under which regular forces are required to operate.
The MILAN ADT firing post has an integrated thermal imager with a video output which allows remote operation. With two missiles, the ADT weighs less than 45kg. The first guided firing of the missile took place in May 2006. The first test of the complete system, firing post and missile, took place in October 2006. The ADT firing post was qualified by the DGA in January 2007 followed by a successful series of evaluation trials completed in March 2007. In December 2006, South Africa placed the first export order for the MILAN ADT firing post with MILAN 3 missiles. In August 2007, EADS confirmed reports that Libya is to place an order for the MILAN ADT/ER. A contract is expected to be signed in 2008. The MILAN ER missile has a range extended to 3,000m and a new, multi-effect warhead which can penetrate 1,000mm Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA) or Rolled Homogenous Armour (RHA), or more than 3m of reinforced concrete. A direct attack mode has been added as well as improved anti-jamming capability.
The firing post consists of a sighting system and a guidance assembly mounted on a tripod. The infrared localiser measures the angular deviation between the missile and the line of sight to the target. The transmission of guidance data by wire and the new MILAN 3 CCD localiser provide jamming resistance.
Variants :
Type of weapons
Anti-tank weapon system
EADS MBDA Missile Systems France
2 soldiers
Integrated thermal imager, azimuth indicator.
Weight Missile
13 kg
115 mm
Weight Firing Post
21 kg
3000 m
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The missile is fitted to the right side of the firing post. It has a cylindrical form. The back side of the missile is more larger. The missile is fixed on a launching pad.
Firing post
The integrated thermal imager is fitted to the left side of the firing post, it has a triangular form. For the shooting, there is handle fitted front of the firing post, on the left side. The firing post is fitted with a tripod.
A transport handle is monted to the upper part of the vision system.
Details view 
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1. Firing view system fitted to the left side.
2. Transport handle to the upper part of the firing view system.
3. Firing handle to the front part.
4. Tripod mounted to upper part of the firing post.
5. Missile mounted to the right side of the firing post.
6. Handle for the direction control of firing post.
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