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Light anti-armor weapon

AT4CS HP anti armour weapon rocket launcher Sweden 925 001


The development of AT4CS HP was dedicated to providing infantry soldiers with the means to use the unique and complex environment of the urban battlefield to their full advantage in defeating a mechanized enemy. The AT4CS HP is an anti-armor weapon that has special internal ballistics, allowing it to be fired from confined spaces; tight jungle, in front of obstacles, or even with its own troops in close vicinity. Both these features make it the only anti-armor weapon in the world that can be used to full urban combat. The AT-4 CS HP rocket launcher is manufactured by a Swedish Company.

AT4CS HP variants:

- AT-4 HEAT: a basic version
- AT-4 CS HP: CS for Confined Space and HP for High Penetration warhead
- AT-4 CS AST: CS for Confined Space and AST for Anti-Structure Tandem

Technical Data

HP (High Penetration):
Extra high penetration ability (up to 500 mm (19.7 inches) to 600 mm (23.6 inches) of RHA.)
Launcher and Sight
The AT4CS HP sights are iron sights and are similar in concept and use to those on assault rifles. The launch tube includes a forward grip, flip-up sights with an adjustable rear sight, and a trigger button.
The AT4CS HP is based on the same manufacture as the basic model AT-4, only the ammunition used changes. AT4CS HP combines the lightweight and firepower characteristics of the AT4 systems with the ability to fire from confined spaces and other narrow firing positions. Where conventional light anti-tank weapons would force the gunner to leave cover for a more open and exposed firing position, the unique internal ballistic design of the AT4CS HP system allows for maximum use of the protection offered by the urban environment.
Combat Use
AT4CS HP is disposable and preloaded with a specially developed High Penetration (HP) warhead. This provides the soldier with a weapon capable of defeating armor thicknesses exceeding 500 mm, which is more than enough to defeat most types of armored targets on the urban battlefield.


Type Caliber
light anti-armor weapon 84 mm
Country users Transport Box
France and other countries - L1090xW795xH250 mm
- Weight (4 pcs): 49 kg
- Unit Load (16 pcs): 210 kg
Designer Country Lenght
Sweden 1 m
Weight Armor Penetration
7.8 kg >500 mm
Operator Muzzle Velocity
1 220 m/s

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