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702D artillery weather radar

702D Artillery Meteorological Radar vehicle
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The 702D meteorological radar station consists of two truck shelters, the meteorological radar shelter and the meteorological support shelter. These two shelters are mounted on a 4x4 truck chassis. The systems is used by the Type 90B 122mm MLRS but can be also used by other artillery weapons.
Technical Data
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The702D meteorological radar shelter mainly consists of the following subsystems:
- Antenna assembly
- Elevating ball guide screw mechanism
- Main control console
- Terminal computer system
- Communication system
- Power distribution box
- Air conditioning unit
Combat use
The 702D Meteorological Radar automatically tracks the balloon-carried radio sondes and processes the raw data to output the required form of artillery meteorological message. The Radar is deployed at battalion level where the meteorological data, such as wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric temperature, humidity and pressure, is disseminated to all the battery command vehicles for use in ballistic calculations. This data makes a substantial contribution to the first-round accuracy.
The shelter of the 702D Meteorological Radar can be mounted on a 4X4 North-Benz 2629 truck chassis. The truck is powered by a German Deutz 1013/1015 liquid-cooled turbocharged diesel engine rated at 220~480hp. The unique transmission and fuel designs guarantee the vehicle to function normally in temperature between -40°C and 50°C. The truck can run at a maximum speed of 85 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 800 km.
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Artillery Meteorological radar station
Country users
Operation range
- 200 km detection
- 25 km altitude
Tracking accuracy
- Angle 0.1 deg.
- Range 15 m.
Type of vehicle
North-Benz 2629
Road Range
800 km
85 km/h
Onboard Equipment
Circular antenna, Elevating ball guide screw mechanism, Main control console, Terminal computer system, Communication system, Power distribution box, Air conditioning unit


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