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Dingo GSI

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Dingo 2 GSI All-protected battle damage repair vehicle
Dingo 2 GSI armoured battle damage repair vehicle data sheet description information specifications intelligence pictures photos images German army Germany Krauss-Maffei Wegmann all-protected military

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General information

The Dingo 2 mine resistant, ambush protected vehicle is a further development of the previous Dingo 1. This vehicle was designed by the Krauss-Maffei Wegmann. The Dingo 2 is currently in service with Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic and Luxemburg. The 06 April 2010, The German Defence Procurement Agency (BWB) has commissioned Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) to supply 44 all-protected battle damage repair vehicles based on the DINGO 2, the Dingo 2 GSI. The task of the Dingo 2 GSI is to eliminate combat and wear damage to vehicles as fast as possible and restore their ability to function. The ballistic and mine levele protection of the Dingo GSI is the same level as the basic version of the Dingo 2. The troops compartment is repaced by a storage system on the payload area in which tools, machinery and wearing and spare parts can be transported.The BWB only recently ordered 41 DINGO 2 vehicles in the all-protected personnel and material transporter configuration, which the German Army will deploy in Afghanistan. KMW will also deliver these vehicles to the army by the end of the 2010.


Variants :
No variants at this time.for the GSI

Technical data
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To protect themselves all 44 DINGO 2 GSI vehicles have a remote controlled KMW-FLW 100 light weapon station. The gunner operates it from the protected interior and can use it even while driving at high speed in difficult terrain in a very precisely and controlled. The KMW-FLW 100 remote weapon station is armed with a 7.62 mm calibre machine gun. Its gyro stabilization system allows very accurate and controlled weapon firing, even while moving through rough terrain at high speed.


The new DINGO version has an all-protected crew cabin with room for three people (driver, gunner and maintenance sergeant). It provides maximum protection against explosive charges (IEDs), anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, modern firearms, shrapnel and NBC warfare agents. The Dingo 2 GSI vehicle has a V-shaped hull and armored crew capsule.

The Dingo 2 GSI is based on upgraded Unimog U 5000 light truck 4x4 chassis. The Dingo 2 DSI power pack consists of a Mercedes-Benz diesel developing 215 hp, which meets EURO III emission requirements. This is coupled to an automatic shifting transmission with the driver also having the option of a manual reversionary role.

The DINGO 2 GSI has its own generator to produce electricity. The vehicle is also fitted with a central tyre inflation system.

One 7.62 mm machine gun.
Country users
Designer Company
Krauss-Maffei Wegmann
NBC protection, generator
3 soldiers
V-shape protection against blaso IED. Ballistic protection against small arms ans shell splinters.
? kg
90 km/h on road
1.000 km
Lenght, ? m; Width, ? m; Height, ? m
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