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Tulpar AIFV


Tulpar Otokar

Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)- Türkiye

Tulpar Infantry Fighting Vehicle Türkiye 925 001


The Tulpar is a heavy infantry fighting vehicle designed by the Sakarya-based automotive manufacturer Otokar. It is named after the Tulpar, a winged horse in Turkic mythology. The vehicle has been designed to support Turkey's new-generation Altay main battle tank in operations and to safely transport infantry to the front lines while providing fire support to other armored units. The Tulpar is also available in variants such as reconnaissance, command-and-control, personnel carrier, mortar, recovery, launch rocket system, air defense, ambulance, and anti-tank vehicles.

Scorpion MRAP variants:

- Tulpar-S: First unveiled at IDEF 2015, the Tulpar-S is significantly lighter (15 tonnes), shorter, and narrower than the Tulpar.
- Tulpar Light Tank: First shown at Eurosatory 2018, it features a Cockerill 3105 turret mounted on the Tulpar chassis.

Technical Data

The Otokar Tulpar is fitted with a remote-controlled turret, Mizrak-30, armed with a 30mm dual-feed automatic cannon and a 7.62mm caliber coaxial machine gun mounted to the right of the main armament. The turret is fully stabilized, featuring commander’s and gunner’s sights with an automatic target tracking function. The dual-axes independently stabilized gunner and commander sights are equipped with high-performance cooled thermal and CCD day cameras. The 30mm cannon, mounted externally, offers an elevation of +60º, a depression of -10º, and a full 360º turret traverse. There are 210 rounds available for the 30mm cannon and 500 rounds for the 7.62mm machine gun. Each rear side of the turret has four smoke grenade dischargers. Optionally, the turret can be equipped with Umtas anti-tank missiles, which have "fire and forget" and "fire and update" infrared guidance with a tandem anti-armor warhead, capable of engaging targets up to 8 kilometers away.
Design and protection
The layout of the Otokar Tulpar is standard with the driver at the front with the engine compartment to its right, the turret in the middle top of the hull and the troop's compartment at the rear. The composite armor of the Tulpar provides all-around ballistic protection against the firing of arms up to 14.5mm caliber while parts with a high probability of attack provide additional protection against up to 25mm armor-piercing rounds. The Tulpar uses modular armour which allows the maintenance center to quickly swap any damaged armor panels and also makes the IFV easily upgradable for added protection against higher caliber projectiles. The Mirzak turret provides standard protection Level 2 STANAG 4569 but modular armour kits can increase it up to Level 5. A total of 9 infantrymen can be seated in the troop compartment at the rear of the hull. Four individual mine-resistant seats with 5-point safety belts are available along each side of the troop's compartment. The infantrymen enter and leave the vehicle through a large hydraulically operated ramp at the rear of the hull, which has an integral door in the center side.
The Otokar Tulpar is motorized by a Scania DI 16 turbocharged diesel engine developing 800 hp. at 2,150 rpm coupled to a 32-speed automatic transmission SAPA SG-850. The torsion bar suspension on each side consists of seven dual rubber-tired roadwheels with the drive sprocket at the front, and the idler at the rear. The upper part of the suspension is protected by armor plates. The Otokar Tulpar can run at a maximum road speed of 70 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 600 km. The Tulpar can cross a vertical step of 800 mm and a trench with a maximum width of 2,6 m. The vehicle is able to negotiate a slope of up to 60% and a side slope of 40%.
Combat Equipment
The Tulpar's combat equipment includes an integrated fire control system (FCS). The FCS is complemented by a battlefield management system (BMS). For defensive measures, the Tulpar is equipped with an automatic fire suppression system, smoke grenade launchers for concealment, and a laser warning receiver to alert the crew of incoming threats. The vehicle's electronic warfare (EW) suite provides countermeasures against electronic threats and can be integrated with active protection systems (APS). The Tulpar's communication equipment features secure radio systems for encrypted voice and data transmission. The vehicle also includes a self-recovery winch and tools for field repairs, enhancing its resilience and sustainability during prolonged operations.


Armament Armor
One 30mm cannon, one 7.62mm coaxial machine gun Modular armor system with STANAG 4569 level 5 protection against 25 mm APFSDS projectiles
Country users Weight
Türkiye 32 000 kg (scalable up to 42 tonnes with additional armor and equipment)
Designer Country Speed
Türkiye Otokar  70 km/h
Combat Equipment Range
Fire control system, battlefield management system, automatic fire suppression system, smoke grenade launchers, laser warning receiver, secure communication radios and self-recovery winch and repair tools. 600 km
Crew Dimensions
3 (commander, gunner, driver) + 9 infantrymen Length: 7.230 mm, Width: 3.400 mm, Height: 2.676 mm

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 Tulpar tracked armoured infantry fighting vehicle Otokar Turkey Turkish defense industry military technology 003  Tulpar tracked armoured infantry fighting vehicle Otokar Turkey Turkish defense industry military technology 005
 Tulpar tracked armoured infantry fighting vehicle Otokar Turkey Turkish defense industry military technology 001  Tulpar tracked armoured infantry fighting vehicle Otokar Turkey Turkish defense industry military technology 006

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