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Guardium-LS UGV G-NIUS Autonomous unmanned ground systems


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General information
Relieving the extreme weight load on the dismounted soldier, the Guardium-LS UGV™, a versatile – multi purpose autonomous unmanned ground vehicle, replenishes forward troops with up to 1.2 tons of ammunition and supplies without endangering manned vehicles over IEDs stricken routes. An offspring of the operational Guardium UGV™, the Guardium-LS UGV™ equips the war fighter with a robust toolkit for a variety of operational scenarios as route proving, base protection, ISTAR and combat logistic support. Based on the mission’s requirements, the Guardium- LS UGV™ is commanded either through mobile or portable terminals or act in a mule mode, where it autonomously follows a squad unit. The Guardium-LS UGV™ system complies with ongoing military and industry standards, for which it was exhaustively trialed over thousands of operational hours. The Guardium-LS UGV™ system is an inclusive solution, comprising the unmanned ground vehicle, a dedicated command and control application, a customer tailored communication suite, a modular selection of payloads and a comprehensive logistic support package.
Variants :
Guardium UG : Semi-autonomous unmanned ground vehicle
Technical data
Possibility to install a Remotely Operated Weapons System and Non-lethal Weapons Systems
Vehicle Level
• Autonomous mission execution;
• Real-time, self-ruling, obstacle’s detection and avoidance;
• Proven fail-safe system;
• Superb off-road maneuverability
System Level

• Easy to operate, dedicated command & control application;
• Built-in debriefing and training capabilities;
• Variety of customer tailored wireless communication solutions
• 24 hours and up to days of continuous operation
Heavy and standard fuel's engines are available

Mission Level
• Modular selection of payloads for comprehensive situational awareness and different mission requirements: EO/IR camera, Radar, Remotely Operated Weapon Systems, Non-lethal Weapon Systems, Electronic Counter Measures, Hostile Fire Indicator (HFI), two-way audio link
• Mobile, portable and follow-me Command & Control applications

Possibility to install a Remotely Operated Weapons System and Non-lethal Weapons Systems

Country users
Designer Company
Possibility to install different accessories : EO/IR camera, radar, Electronic counter mesure, Hostile fire indicator, two-way audio link
Height: 2.2 m; Width: 1,8 m; Lenght: 3.42 m
1.200 kg
50 km/h (in semi-autonomous mode)
24 hours and up to days of continuous operation
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Guardium UGV G-NIUS Unmanned ground vehicle
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