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Bose headset

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The Bose Combat Vehicle Crewman Headset

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General information
The Bose combat vehicle crewman headset provides superior communication performance and hearing protection for crew members in tracked armored vehicles. The Bose combat vehicle crewman headset is the second generation active noise reduction communication solution. US Army tests indicate speech intelligibility score of 89% as well as greater hearing protection (compared with the conventional DH-132 helmet, when used with a modern ICS like the VIC-3). Safe exposure time for crew members operating in high-noise environments is increased by a factor of 10.
Technical data
The Bose combat vehicle crewman headset use proven active noise reduction technology that increases capabilities as well as improves crew performance. Proprietary Bose active noise reduction circuitry is particularly affective at counteracting the low-frequency noise prevalent in modern tracked armored vehicles.
106 dB SPL for 1 Vms input
Country users
US Army
Designer Company
Active noise reduction, Push-to-talk switch,
Operating curent
Less than 220 mA peak
32 oz (without hardshell)
16 to 24 VDC
Temperature of use
-40° to +65°
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