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Aviastar SP unveils increased capabilities for Russia's future Il-78M-90A aerial refuelling aircraft.

| 2015
World Defense & Security News - Russia
Aviastar SP unveils increased capabilities for Russia's future Il-78M-90A aerial refuelling aircraft
Russian new aerial refueling aircraft, Il-78M-90A, can additionally carry up to 110 tons of fuel thanks to two extra tanks, Sergei Dementyev, Aviastar-SP Company’s Director-General, reported. "The next year’s job is to send the Il-78M-90A into the air. This is the first flying prototype to undergo acceptance trials. We look forward to signing a contract based on results obtained," he noted.
Aviastar SP unveils increased capabilities for Russia s future Il 78M 90A aerial refuelling aircraft 640 001The Russian Air Force future aerial refuelling aircraft is being highly based on the new Il-76MD-90A military airlifter
Dementyev specified that each of the extra tanks can carry up to 50 tons of fuel. The aerial tanker can simultaneously refuel three aircraft. It was reported previously that on land it can simultaneously refuel up to four aircraft.

The Il-78M-90A is going to be the main aerial tanker of the Russian Air Force adapted to aerial refueling of fighters, bombers and special purpose aircraft.

The new Il-78 aircraft is powered by four PS-90A-76 engines with increased takeoff power. Two operating modes can be used in takeoff, i.e. maximum increased takeoff power mode of 16,000 kgf and maximum takeoff power mode of 14,500 kgf.

It was reported that the new aircraft is due to take to the air in the first quarter of 2016.

Il-78-90A is being created based on an in-depth modernization of the Il-76, i.e. Il-76MD-90A. A new attitude and heading reference system and automatic control and communication complexes enhance flight safety and aerial navigation accuracy. Also, they make paradropping more precise. The latest model of the widely known military transport aircraft differs in that it has new equipment, including an all-glass cockpit, modern PS-90A-76 engines, modified wings and reinforced undercarriage. In the future, the Il-76MD-90A can be used for creating an electronic warfare aircraft.
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