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IOMAX S2R-660 Archangel light attack and reconnaissance aircraft at Dubai Air Show 2015.

| 2015
Dubai Airshow 2015
8 - 12 November 2015
Dubai - Al Maktoum International Airport
IOMAX S2R-660 Archangel light attack and reconnaissance aircraft at Dubai Air Show 2015
The IOMAX S2R-660 Archangel is at the Dubai Airshow static display. Based on the Thrush S2R-660, Archangel provides extremely long endurance via a platform that is specifically designed for operations in rugged, austere environments.
IOMAX S2R-660 Archangel Dubai Airshow 2015
The IOMAX S2R-660 Archangel at Dubai Airshow 2015 is fitted with a Terma decoy pod, Roketsan CIRIT rocket pods, GBU-58 bombes, FLIR pod and Hellfire air to ground missiles.
The weapons carriage and delivery capability for Archangel allows for wide range flexibility in mission planning and execution. Archangel is configured with seven (7) store stations for external carriage. Each wing has three (3) carriage positions for weapons and a centerline fuselage station is available for either an ISR sensor and data link pod, or munitions.

The Archangel aircraft can be armed with a variety of air-to-ground missiles and bombs including 12 AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, 10 250lb GBU-58 Mk-81s and six GBU-12 Mk-82 laser-guided bombs, 24 Roketsan Cirit laser-guided missiles, and up to 12 UMTAS AGM laser-guided missiles.

The Archangel is the latest version of IOMAX's Block 1 and Block 2 AT-802 turboprop that is currently fielded by the UAE and Jordan. In October 2014, the UAE has signed a contract to procure "an enhanced squadron" of IOMAX Archangel Border Patrol Aircraft (BPA). UAE's fleet will now be replaced by 24 Archangel aircraft.

Link to IOMAX S2R-660 Archangel technical datasheet.






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