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KRET to develop new onboard equipment for Russia's PAK DA strategic bomber project.

| 2015
World Defense & Security Industry News - KRET
KRET to develop new onboard equipment for Russia's PAK DA strategic bomber project
Russia's future strategic bomber PAK DA will have brand new onboard equipment, which will allow it to use an entire range of high-precision weapons, said Vladimir Mikheev, advisor to the First Deputy CEO of KRET (Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies), as reported by the Russian news agency RIA Novosti.
KRET to develop new-onboard equipment for Russia s PAK DA strategic bomber project 640 001Proposed design for RuAF's future strategic bomber - PAK DA
(Credit: KRET)
All our proposals for PAK DA avionics have been transferred to the company Tupolev. The aircraft will get a brand new set of onboard equipment, including systems for determining location, piloting, weapons control, speed sensors, and more. This aircraft will also be able to use an entire range of high-precision weapons,” said Vladimir Mikheev.

According to him, this equipment will be entirely new, not the upgraded system planned for installation on long-range bombers currently in use like the Tu-22M3 and Tu-160.

It is expected that the PAK DA will be equipped with entirely new sighting and navigation systems, as well as means for communicating and conducting reconnaissance and electronic warfare.

Developing the new radar drew from the experience gained in working on the onboard radar with an active phased array antenna (APAA) for the fifth-generation fighter PAK FA. The Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute was also the primary enterprise tasked with overseeing the integrated electronic system for the PAK FA.

The Future Aviation System for Long-Range Aircraft (PAK DA) is the new generation of Russian strategic bombers developed by the company Tupolev. It will be built on a flying wing design and thus will not be able to break the sound barrier. This will not prevent the bomber from accomplishing the tasks currently assigned to three types of long-range aircraft, the Tu-160, Tu-95MS, and Tu-22.

As previously reported, the first flight of a new long-range bomber is scheduled for 2019, and state tests of the complex will begin in 2021. It is expected that Russian troops will receive the advanced strategic bombers in 2025.

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