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UK offers RAF Akrotiri base to the French Air Force to strike IS.

| 2015
World Defense & Security News - France & United Kingdom
UK offers RAF Akrotiri base to the French Air Force to strike IS
During the yesterday’s meeting in Paris with the French President Francois Hollande, the British Prime Ministser David Cameron has discussed the next steps in coordinating and tackling the Islamic State’s threat. One of the support measures offered by the British Prime Minister was the assistance through the use of the RAF Akrotiri base in Cyprus.
UK offers RAF Akrotiri base to the French Air Force to strike IS 640 001An RAF Eurofighter Typhoon taking-off from Akrotiri Air Base in Cyprus
(Credit: RAF)
RAF Akrotiri is already being used by the British fighter-bomber Tornado aircraft, carrying out strikes against the Islamic State in Iraq since September 2014, and by surveillance platforms. Now the air base will be available for refuelling to the French fighter jets that conduct long-range missions from air bases in France.

The French President welcomed the offer and said that France will intensify its operations and choose those targets that will have the greatest impact against in Islamic State’s ability to conduct operations. He also stressed that it is extremely important to extend the air strikes not only in Iraq but in Syria as well. The need to eliminate targets in Syrian soil was also acknowledged by David Cameron who said that he would seek a parliamentary vote.

The French Air Force has already deployed a number of fighter aircraft in the Middle East, operating from the Al Dhafra Air Base in UAE and the Muwafaq Salti Air Base in Jordan. In addition, the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle will arrive in Eastern Mediterranean and be ready for operations next Monday, bringing more aircraft to the fight.


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