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USAF plans to rotate tankers and bombers to Australia.

| 2015
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USAF plans to rotate tankers and bombers to Australia
The United States and Australia are discussing the possible deployment of US air refueling and bomber aircraft to Australian soil, just like in the case of Guam. According to the Commander of the US Pacific Air Forces, General Lori Robinson stated on Wednesday.
USAF plans to rotate tankers and bombers to Australia 640 001A USAF B-52 bomber refuelling over the Pacific 
(Credit: USAF)

The reference to the example of Guam means that the aircraft would be deployed on a rotational basis. The aim of the plan is to give the US air and ground crews the chance to train in the Australian and the vast Pacific environment, and establish bonds and common operating procedures with their Australian counterparts.

So far the two sides have not agreed on which type of aircraft would be deployed, neither on the specific timeframe. Nevertheless, it is known that the hosting area will be the Royal Australian Air Force Tindal AFB. It is located at the Northern Territory, 320 km south-east of Darwin. Until recently, the USAF bombers have taken parts in exercises in Australia. Last July, two B-52s flew a 44-hours mission to drop inert bombs at a weapons range in Australia. Therefore, the rotation would give a more permanent character to the existing cooperation.

The decision is part of the US “Asia-Pacific pivot”, to meet the emerging Chinese power. However, the US is at the same time promoting cooperation and other forms of diplomatic efforts to establish the rules of behaviour. The twofold approach is also a reassurance of the allied nations in the Asia and Pacific regions that the US would provide the necessary means to counter any threats.



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