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AeroVironment’s Tether Eye evaluated by the US DoD.

| 2016
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AeroVironment’s Tether Eye evaluated by the US DoD
AeroVironment has announced that its Tether Eye unmanned aircraft system is being evaluated by the US Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO). The development of the tethered UAV, used for ISR and security applications, has been funded by the CTTSO under a US Government contract.
AeroVironment’s Tether Eye evaluated by the US DoD 640 001AeroVironment's Tether Eye small unmanned aerial system
Tether Eye was designed to provide 24-hours per day ISR. The UAV can fly at 150 feet above its small, weather-sealed, self-contained base station, which provides continuous power. The air vehicle can hover uninterrupted at this height and provide 360-degree field of view.

Its payload includes an electro-optical and infrared cameras, which provide full motion video, as well as AeroVironment’s Digital Data Link. Data, imagery and video are transmitted to an in-house developed Ground Control Station. Tether Eye can provide secure communication with other AeroVironment’s unmanned platforms or communications relay with similar ones, operated by the Armed Forces.

Amanda Toman, Programme Manager at CTTSO said: “Having the ability to deploy a ‘virtual observation tower’ at a moment’s notice above buildings and vehicles represents a game-changing capability for ISR and security operations that has the potential to save lives. We look forward to continuing our evaluation of Tether Eye’s capabilities with AeroVironment as a possible deployable capability across government facilities.

AeroVironment’s VP and General Manager of UAS business segment said: “Tether Eye effectively complements our family of small unmanned aircraft systems by providing a valuable new capability - continuous ISR and security for buildings or stationary vehicles in defense, security and commercial applications. We intend to continue developing Tether Eye through to production and include it as a standard component of our product portfolio. Close communication with our initial customers will guide and inform future enhancements and production releases, resulting in another effective AeroVironment solution that helps our customers succeed.



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