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Airshow China: Russia and China ready to sign AHL development contract.

| 2016
Airshow China 201 6
1 - 6 November 2016
Zhuhai - Jinwan Airport
Airshow China: Russia and China ready to sign AHL development contract
A contract for designing a Russian-Chinese heavylift helicopter is planned for signature within two months, Russian Helicopters Director General Alexander Mikheyev has told journalists at Zhuhai Air Show 2016. "We are devising a program and finalizing the discussing of it, and, I guess, we will have signed a heavylift helicopter design contract in a month or two," Mikheyev said.
AHL China Russia 001 A scale model of Aviation Corporation of China’s (AVIC) 10t-class Advanced Heavy Lift (AHL) helicopter displayed at Zhuhai Air Show 2016
Mikheyev noted that the Russian and Chinese partners had agreed on the scope of work to be done and the responsibilities of the Mil Design Bureau. He said that the pre-contract negotiations were under way on the timeframe, costs and the parties’ responsibilities.

"The Chinese side is responsible for the designing of the helicopter and for its certification. We will develop the powertrain, gearbox and anti-icing system," the director general said.

According to Mikheyev, Chinese designers will work on the engine to power the machine.

The Advanced Heavy Lifter (AHL) helicopter is being co-developed by Russian Helicopters and AVIC. The aircraft’s takeoff weight is expected to be 38.2 tons and its lifting capacity 10-15 tons. The machine will have a maximum speed of 300 km/h, a range of 630 km and a service ceiling of 5,700 m. Russia has offered China to jointly develop the PD-12V for the AHL helicopter, but according to Russian Deputy Industry and Trade Minister Andrei Boginsky, "China can choose any engine it wants".

Previously, Rostec Corp. Director General Sergei Chemezov had told TASS in an interview that the development of the engine to equip the future Russian-Chinese AHL helicopter would take at least two to three years.



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