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Aviakon about to deliver updated Mi-24PU1 helicopters to Ukrainian Armed Forces.

| 2016
World Aviation Defense & Security Industry News - Aviakon
Aviakon about to deliver updated Mi-24PU1 helicopters to Ukrainian Armed Forces
State-run enterprise Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant Aviakon (Sumy region), part of Ukroboronprom Concern, has modernized three attack helicopters Mi-24PU-1 to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The helicopters are ready to be handed to the Land Forces, the concern's press service has reported.
Aviakon aboutto deliver updated Mi 24PU1 helicopters to Ukrainian Armed Forces 640 001An Ukrainian Mi-24UP-1 attack helicopter 
(Credit: Ukraine MoD)
During Mi-24PU-1 development special attention was paid to attack helicopters’ security enhancing. Domestic experts have mounted protection ultramodern complex Adros developed by Scientific Industrial Center Progress. This complex misguides missiles with infra-red guidance, enhancing helicopter protection from man-portable air defense systems of Igla and Stinger types, and missiles of air-to-air type R-60 and R-73.

The attack helicopter Mi-24PU-1 is empowered with new domestic engines, contributing to speed and maneuverability increase. Modern sighting and navigation systems provide a major advance of capabilities of the helicopter, allowing effectively performing tasks even in complete darkness, the concern said.

To destroy the enemy Mi-24PU-1 is equipped with a super 30-mm automatic cannon and a variety of missile weapons, including precision anti-tank guided missiles.

The deep Mi-24 helicopter modernization program is the result of effective collective work of Ukroboronprom enterprises and strategic international cooperation with partners, the concern said.

(Source: Interfax)



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