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China received first batch of four Su-35 fighter jets.

| 2016
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China received first batch of four Su-35 fighter jets
According to an agreement reached between China and Russia at the end of 2015, China purchased 24 Su-35 fighter jets from Russia, and new information of this arms deal was released on December 25, Hong Kong's Oriental Daily News said on its website on Monday, December 26.
China received first batch of four Su 35 fighter jets 640 001A picture released by the Chinese online media probably showing one of the first four PLAAF Su-35s landing in China
Online news showed that the Russia has officially delivered first batch of four Su-35 fighter jets to China, and the four fighter jets arrived on Sunday at a flight training center of the PLA Air Force in Cangzhou, north China's Hebei province, which will be used in Su-35 pilots training.

Outside reports estimated that the Su-35 fighter jets will largely beef up the Chinese troops' combat capability and enable the PLA Air Force to carry out in-depth combat operations in the East and South China Sea.

Data show that Su-35 has the maximal flying speed of 2500km/h and a flight range of 3400km without air refueling, and its combat radius is 1600km.

Su-35 is one of Russia's most advanced fighters at present, its performances are almost as good as the fifth-generation fighter jets from a technical perspective. Equipped with thrust vectoring engine and phased array radar, Su-35 fighter jet boasts long range, multiple purposes, high maneuverability and many other features.

(Source: China Military/Huang Panyue)



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