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India and Russia finally found agreement on Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft joint production.

| 2016
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India and Russia finally found agreement on Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft joint production
Russia and India have finally agreed all details of joint production of over a hundred Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) and are completing a deal for the construction of over 200 Ka-226T helicopters. The agreements are expected to be signed during the bilateral summit in the state of Goa on October 15, the Economic Times reported quoting informed sources in the Indian government who commented on the results of the 16th meeting of the taskforce for Russian-Indian military-technical cooperation in New Delhi.
India and Russia finally ound agreement on Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft joint production 640 001India's FGFA design will probably be based on the Russian-made PAK FA fighter jet
The publication said "after several months of feverish talks on technical details India and Russia drafted a detailed agreement on the division of tasks and shares in the joint production of FGFA. Talks on both projects were accelerated as this year the Russian-Indian summit will be held not in December as usual but two months earlier," the source said.

"Major work has been accomplished. Two dozen of pages of preliminary FGFA documents developed into 650 pages of a detailed plan which strictly defines all positions," the source said.

According to his information, the signing of the agreement on the division of shares is expected in the near future. India will invest 4 billion dollars in the coming years to design its own fighter option which will have 40 differences from the basic model of the perspective PAK FA aircraft. "One of the main Indian problems is the design of a new jet engine for the fighter as well as armaments," the source said.

India has already invested 300 million dollars in the design of FGFA blueprints which were completed in June 2013 and fully agreed by the parties. "The project will provide India with access to numerous modern technologies which the Russian side is ready to share," the source said.

In October it is also planned to launch a joint Russian-Indian venture to produce Ka-226T helicopters. "The work will also accelerate to guarantee that a new joint venture is registered in October at the time of summit talks. We plan to get over 200 light multi-purpose Ka-226T helicopters," the source said.

The contract is to engage private business as well. "At the initial state government companies NAL and Russian Helicopters will set up a JV, but it is clear that later to facilitate the project it would be necessary to engage the private sector," the source said. India said a potential partner may be Pune-based Kalyani Strategic Systems Company which will produce engines for the helicopter.
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