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Israel orders 17 more F-35A stealth fighters jets.

| 2016
World Aviation Defense & Security News - Israel
Israel orders 17 more F-35A stealth fighters jets
Israel will buy 17 more F-35A stealth fighter jets yesterday, after a vote of approval yesterday, Nov. 27, by the country's Security Cabinet. This additionnal batch of "Adir" fighters will bring up Israel Air Force to a total of 50 F-35A by the end of 2030. These fighters are to be purchased with the military foreign aid received from the U.S through a Memorandum of Understanding signed in September 2016.
Israel's F-35A Adir performing its maiden flight on July 25
(Credit: Lockheed Martin)
A first group of Israeli pilots has already started special training for the F-35 at a U.S. Air Force base in Arizona, with the first two stealth fighters set to arrive at Israel’s Nevatim Air Force base in the Negev desert by December 12.

On June 22, 2016, the Israeli Air Force received the first F-35A Adir for Israel at a ceremony at the Fort Worth, Texas, F-35 factory.

Israel Air Force is expected to induct two squadrons of F-35s, with each squadron being made up of 25 fighters. A third squadron of 25 F-35s may be purchased a later date.

The U.S. has agreed to let Israel integrate its own electronic warfare systems, such as sensors and countermeasures, into the aircraft. The main computer will have a plug-and-play feature to allow add-on Israeli electronics to be used; proposed systems include an external jamming pod, and new Israeli air-to-air missiles and guided bombs in the internal weapon bays.



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