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Rockwell Collins delivered first RTA-4100 Weather Radar for KAI's Surion medevac variant.

| 2016
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Rockwell Collins delivered first RTA-4100 Weather Radar for KAI's Surion medevac variant
Rockwell Collins has delivered its first RTA-4100 MultiScan Weather Radar to KAI for the medevac variant of the Korean Utility Helicopter. This is the first selection of the new RTA-4100 Weather Radar with enhanced surface search modes in the Asia-Pacific region.
Medical transport variant of KAI s Surion helicopter performed its maiden flight 640 001KAI KUH-1 Surion medevac helicopter variant
Our RTA-4100 MultiScan Weather Radar will provide enhanced safety and mission capability during the highly adverse weather conditions in which the KUH helicopter will be required to operate while performing its critical emergency medical evacuation missions,” said Jim Walker, vice president and manager director, Asia Pacific, for Rockwell Collins.

The RTA-4100 MultiScan Weather Radar’s automatic tilt and gain management reduces crew workload over conventional weather radar systems by automatically reducing ground clutter ensuring comprehensive detection and display of weather related hazards.

In addition, the solid-state RTA-4100 offers the highest reliability of any weather radar in its class with substantially reduced size, weight and power. The RTA-4100 features advanced modes for maritime search operations. This combined with enhanced shoreline depictions ensures accurate and timely recovery/transport during critical medical emergencies.

Rockwell Collins delivered first RTA 4100 Weather Radar for KAI s Surion medevac variant 640 001 Rockwell Collins' RTA-4100 MultiScan Weather Radar
(Credit: Rockwell Collins)

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