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South Korea's first four AH-64E combat helicopters delivered to combat units.

| 2016
World Defense & Security News - South Korea
South Korea's first four AH-64E combat helicopters delivered to combat units
South Korea has deployed the latest upgraded model of Apache helicopters, which are expected to enhance its overall combat capability, the country's defense procurement agency said Thursday. According to the Defense Acquisition Procurement Administration, four AH-64E Guardians were delivered to Army units, which recently completed combat deployment. The four are the first to reach front-line South Korean combat units.
South Korea s first four AH 64E combat helicopters reached combat units 640 001South Korea ordered 36 AH-64E Apache Guardian combat helicopters
(Credit: Boeing Defense)
The agency signed a $1.6 billion contract with the U.S. in 2013 to buy 36 AH-64Es, an upgraded model of the AH-64D Longbow. It is to deliver all of the Apache helicopters to the Army by early next year.

The AH-64E is a heavily armed helicopter featuring improved digital connectivity, the Joint Tactical Information Distribution System, more powerful T700-GE-701D engines with upgraded face gear transmission to accommodate more power, capability to control unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs), full IFR capability, and improved landing gear.

The Guardian variant is fitted with one 30 mm M230 chain gun. Its four hardpoints can carry wide range of rockets and missiles, such as Hydra 70 70 mm rocket and AGM-114 Hellfire missile.

"We will deliver all helicopters and other support equipment as planned," DAPA said. "The Army plans to ensure operational capacity for the new choppers by training pilots and repair staff through live-fire drills and other real combat-like training programs."

(Source: Yonhap)


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