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USAF deploys F-15C Eagles to Iceland and the Netherlands.

| 2016
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USAF deploys F-15C Eagles to Iceland and the Netherlands
The United States have deployed Boeing F-15C Eagles aircraft in Iceland and the Netherlands in support of the Operation Atlantic Resolve, in an effort to strengthen interoperability and deter Russian aggression, according to the USAF Press release.
USAF deploys F 15C Eagles to Iceland and the Netherlands 640 001A USAF F-15C Eagle fighter aircraft
(Credit: USAF)
A total of 12 F-15C Eagles and close to 350, along with the support equipment, have deployed from the 131st Fighther Squadron, from the Bames Air National Guard Base, in Massachusetts, and the 194th Fighter Squadron, from the Fresno Air National Guard Base, in California.

The form part of a Theatre Security Package that will support Operation Atlantic Resolve, for a period of six months. They will be carrying out surveillance missions and training exercises with the allies in the region. For that reason, they are expected to forward deploy to other parts of Europe, such as Bulgaria, Romania and Estonia.

Their main bases in Europe will be Keflavik in Iceland and Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. While at the latter, they will take part in Exercise Frisian Flag. It is an international exercise aimed at enhancing interoperability, planning and execution among allied partners.

These rotational deployments were first initiated in 2014, to reassure allied countries while deterring Russia. Iceland had been a strategic location for the US and NATO in the North Atlantic. A US base in the country had been operational until 2006. Since 2008, NATO has been responsible for the air control and policing of the area, although the Russian Air Force has increased its presence with long range flights of its strategic bombers.


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