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Kazakhstan receives new batch of Su-30SM fighter jets.

| 2018

The Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan (AFRK) have received a batch of Sukhoi Su-30SM (NATO reporting name: Flanker-H) multirole combat aircraft, the country`s Ministry of Defense (MoD) said in a statement.

Kazakhstan receives new batch of Su 30SM fighter jets 001 A KADF Su-30SM fighter jet
(Credit: Kazakhstan Ministry of Defense)

"The Kazakh military has taken the delivery of new Su-30SM supermaneuverable fighter jets. The Su-30SM of the Kazakh Air Defense Force [KADF] have already shown strong performance. The air platforms are involved in various exercises, including those of international scale … The Su-30SM fighter jets can accomplish a wide range of missions at long ranges," said the MoD.

In May, Russia and Kazakhstan signed a contract for eight Su-30SM fighter jets. The KADF is set to receive a total of 31 Flanker-H multirole combat aircraft. The country`s MoD is planning to procure 36 Su-30SMs through 2020.

The Su-30SM (SM standing for serial-produced, upgraded) multipurpose fighter jet is designed both to gain air supremacy and attack ground-based and seaborne targets. The fighter jet has canards and swiveling-nozzle engines, which makes it supermaneuverable.

The Su-30SM fighter jet is equipped with the Bars multipurpose fire control radar. The fighter jet’s weapons suite comprises a wide range of munitions, including air-to-air missiles and air-to-surface precision-guided weapons. The Su-30SM plane can be used to train pilots to operate perspective single-seat fighter jets. The production of the Su-30SM fighter jet for the Russian Air Force began in 2012.

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