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UEC, Safran sign framework deal for new Be-200 engine.

| 2018

ODK-Saturn of the United Engine Corporation (UEC) and the French Safran Aircraft Engines signed a framework agreement on the design of SaM146 modification to replace the engine of Be-200 amphibious aircraft, the UEC said.

UEC Safran sign framework deal for new Be 200 engine 001 A Beriev Be-200 amphibious multirole aircraft
(Credit: UAC)

The deal was inked by UEC CEO Alexander Artyukhov and Safran Aircraft Engines CEO Olivier Andries in the presence of Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov.

"The companies have agreed on modernization that envisages seriously finalizing the software of the automated control digital system, the operational version of the SaM146 engine for its integration with the Be-200 plane and further certification of the re-motorized version. A three-year roadmap has been drawn up to create three prototypes intended for tests and certification," the statement says.

"Together with the French partners we drafted a clear roadmap for the production of a new SaM146 option to meet Be-200 requirements," Artyukhov said.Andries said the deal means Safran plans to strengthen 20-year old cooperation with the Russian aircraft industry.

The Beriev Be-200 "Altair" is a multipurpose amphibious aircraft designed by the Beriev Aircraft Company and manufactured by Irkut. The multirole Be-200 can be configured as an amphibious water drop fire-fighting aircraft, a freighter, or as a passenger aircraft—the pressurised and air conditioned cabin allowing transportation of up to 72 passengers. 

The Be-200 can also be equipped for special missions. Four retractable water scoops, two forward and two aft of the fuselage step can be used to scoop a total of 12 tonnes of water in 14 seconds. It is powered by two Progress D-436TP turbofans, with 7,500 kgf (16,534 lbf) each.

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