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Russian MoD receives two upgraded Tu-160.

| 2020

The Russian Defense Ministry accepted two strategic Tu-160 bombers (named the Ivan Yarygin and the Vasily Reshetnikov) from Kazan Aircraft Plant, Rostec said.

Russian MoD receives two upgraded Tu 160 00 Tu-160 (Picture source: Tupolev)

“The aircraft had the inertial navigation system and engine control upgraded, as well as arms with modern digital technologies. The upgrade improved tactical characteristics of the bombers and their engagement effectiveness,” it said.

The bombers successfully underwent all trials and flew from Kazan to the deployment airfield in Saratov region. “The aircraft will soon engage in assigned missions,” the Defense Ministry said.

The Ivan Yarygin (factory # 84007142, registration # RF-94112, onboard # 04 red) and the Vasily Reshetnikov (factory # 83007526, registration # RF-94102, onboard # 02 red) made the maiden flight in 1992.

Tu-160 strategic bomber (Blackjack by NATO classification) is designed to strike at important facilities by long-range cruise missiles. It has a variable-sweep wing of the integral low-wing scheme. Maximum takeoff weight is 275 tons, the length is 54.1 meters. Cruising speed is 850 km/h, maximum speed is 1800 km/h. Practical ceiling is 15000 meters. The bomber has four turbojet double-flow engines NK-32 with a boost chamber.

Russian MoD receives two upgraded Tu 160 01 Tu-160 (Picture source: Tupolev)

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