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Final exercise of the Finnish Air Force mass training season in Oulunsalo.

| 2021

The Lapland Air Force will organize the final exercise of the Air Force conscripts' mass training period (JPH 2/21) at the Oulunsalo base on 26 November ‒ 3 December 2021.

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Final exercise of the Finnish Air Force mass training season in Oulunsalo 01 F / A-18 Hornet and conscripts on the plateau (Picture source: Finnish Air Force)

The main goal of the JPH 2/21 exercise is to train Air Force conscripts, reservists and personnel for emergency duties and to verify the skills of conscripts moving to the reserve in December. The exercise will be led by Colonel Tuukka Karjalainen, Commander of the Lapland Air Force .

In addition to the Air Force units, soldiers from the Jääkäri Brigade and the Pori Brigade will take part in the exercise. The total strength of the training teams is about 1,000 people.

The exercise involves the flight of F / A-18 Hornet multi-purpose fighters from the Oulunsalo base from Monday to Wednesday, November 29 ‒ 1.12. daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The flight will end on Thursday 2.12. by 10 a.m. The flights run to the area between Rovaniemi, Ivalo, Kuusamo, Kajaani and Oulu, as well as across the Gulf of Bothnia. The exercise uses torches that are part of the fighters' self-defense projectiles, which can appear in the sky momentarily as bright light phenomena.

The training forces will move to Oulunsalo in a decentralized manner along the various routes, mainly on Saturday 27 November. The return march traffic will be highest on Thursday 2.12. Vehicles can slow down traffic, especially in the vicinity of Oulunsalo. There are a lot of military vehicles in the vicinity of the Oulunsalo base also during the exercise.

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