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Russian KYB Kamikaze UAV to complete trials in 2021.

| 2021

The KYB unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by the ZALA Aero Company will complete its state trials in 2021, a spokesperson for the Kalashnikov Group told TASS at the IDEX 2021 international arms show.

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Russian KYB Kamikaze UAV to complete trials in 2021 01 KYB UAV. The aircraft is designed to slip in under enemy defenses and crash into its targets with a 3 kilogram munitions payload (Picture source: Zala Aero)

The ZALA Aero Company is a subsidiary of the Kalashnikov Group within Russia’s Rostec state hi-tech corporation.

“The KYB UAV was shown in the United Arab Emirates two years ago. Over this period, its preliminary trials have been completed,” the spokesperson said. “This year, its state trials are planned to be completed,” he added.

According to the press office, an export-oriented version of the UAV designated as KYB-E is currently being developed. “This work is planned to be completed this year as well,” the press office said.

Foreign customers have already shown interest in the new combat UAV. “Middle East countries have shown interest in the drone but it is too early to speak about talks until the export-oriented version is developed,” the spokesman said.

The KYB kamikaze attack UAV was displayed at the IDEX 2019 international arms show for the first time.

An another note, Zala Aero presented its newest unmanned complex ZALA VTOL during IDEX 2021.

Russian KYB Kamikaze UAV to complete trials in 2021 02 KYB UAV showcased at IDEX 2019 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

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