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Swedish Armed Forces is requesting to buy Saab Globaleye.

| 2021

The Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmakten) has contacted the government to begin the acquisition of new radar reconnaissance and command aircraft. On October 1st, a request was submitted from Headquarters to buy Saab's Globaleye.

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Swedish Armed Forces is requesting to buy Globaleye

SAAB GlobalEye of  United Arab Emirates Air Force (UAEAF) (Picture source: Air Recognition)

The Swedish Armed Forces has submitted a request to the government with a formal request for an authorization to purchase the airborne radar reconnaissance and command system Globaleye. The aircraft manufactured by Saab consists of a powerful radar with extended range, Erieye Extended Range, and a series of advanced sensors integrated on the aircraft type Global 6000. It has a long flight range and is manufactured by Bombardier.

"This is a system that raises our ability significantly. There is economy in the equipment procurement plan and we will acquire the system as soon as the conditions allow", says Lieutenant General Johan Svensson, production manager.

The Armed Forces has previously budgeted to purchase new radar reconnaissance and command aircraft. The petition that has now been sent to the government is a start to the process of purchasing these.

The Air Force currently has two radar reconnaissance and command aircraft of model ASC 890. They are used extensively and will need to be replaced in the coming years.

Saab's Globaleye is equipped with a powerful radar and other sensors that provide heightened ability to monitor the airspace, the sea and the ground. It can send data to units in the Air Force, the Army and to the Navy.

The system must also be able to provide support to civil society. It can assist with coordination and management of rescue operations in the event of natural disasters or major accidents on land or at sea.

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