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Finnish Air Force starts Vihuri 22 flight exercise.

| 2022

The Fighter Squadron 31 of the Karelian Air Force organizes the Vihuri 22 flight exercise at the bases of Rissala and Oulunsalo on February 28 ‒ 3.3.2022.

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Finnish Air Force starts Vihuri 22 flight exercise 01 The Karelia Air Command is the peace-time Finnish Air Force unit responsible for the protection of the airspace of Eastern and South-Eastern Finland (Picture source: Finnish Air Force)

14 F / A-18 Hornet multipurpose fighters from Karelia are taking part in the Vihuri 22 exercise, flying from Rissala and Oulunsalo bases. The aim of the exercise is to train the main personnel and conscripts for the duties of the Air Force in exceptional circumstances.

There are daily flights at both bases from Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 9 pm. The exercise uses torches from the Hornets' self-defense systems, which can appear momentarily as bright light phenomena in the sky.

Flight operations are concentrated in the north-south area between Rovaniemi and Tikkakoski and in the east-west area between the Kuusamo ‒ Joensuu and Seinäjoki ‒ Oulu lines. In addition, there is a sea area off Kokkola and Pietarsaari.

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