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Argentina unveils new orders for Training jet upgrade.

The Argentine Aircraft Factory "Brigadier San Martin" S.A (FAdeA) announced on its social media that the Córdoba plant is preparing for what would be the next delivery of an IA-63 Pampa III Block II advanced training aircraft to the Argentine Air Force. This follows the latest test flight of the aircraft registered as "1036".
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IA-63 Pampa III Block II view (Picture source: FAdeA)

To date, the most recent delivery of the IA-63 Pampa III Block II took place in May of last year, when the Brigadier San Martín aeronautical factory delivered the aircraft registered A-710 (Av-1035), which was assigned to the VI Air Brigade of Tandil, Buenos Aires province.

The IA-63 Pampa III Block II is an advanced training and light combat aircraft, designed and manufactured by the Argentine company FAdeA (Argentine Aircraft Factory). This version is a significant improvement over the original Pampa, developed to meet the needs of the Argentine Air Force and also with the ambition of marketing it on the international market. "Block II" refers to the second generation of the Pampa III series, introducing notable technological advances.

This version incorporates modernized avionics systems, including a fully digital cockpit compatible with night vision goggles, and an improved flight management system, which contributes to better aircraft performance and flight safety. The Pampa III Block II is also equipped with a multi-mode radar, thus enhancing its reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities. In terms of armament, it can carry a variety of munitions, making it adaptable for light combat missions, in addition to its training functions.

Its structure is designed to offer great resistance and flexibility, allowing the aircraft to withstand the rigors of varied missions and demanding flight conditions. The adaptability and multi-role capabilities of the Pampa III Block II aim to provide an economical solution for air forces looking to modernize or expand their fleets with aircraft capable of fulfilling multiple types of missions with a single platform.

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