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Russia: Army 2020 defense forum to expand display.

| 2020

The first Army forum took place in 2015 and was visited by representatives of 55 countries. Only Russian enterprises showcased products at the time. In 2019, 120 countries were present and 10 foreign participants displayed their military products. The figures show that the forum is a major world exhibition of arms and hardware, the Military-Industrial Courier writes.

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Like in the previous edition, Army 2019 Forum was already impressive. Army 2020 will be even more! (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Army-2020 will be simultaneously held with international army games and the tank biathlon (simultaneously with ASD defense exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, exceptionally). The visitors will thus see arms on static sites and in dynamic demonstrations. The format is used for the first time and organizers said it will increase the attractiveness of both events.

This year, the forum will last one day longer, thus for a week. It will be held on August 23-29 in the Patriot exhibition center, Kubinka airfield, Alabino and Ashuluk ranges. The forum will begin with a plenary session and heads of foreign delegations will be invited. Specialists and technicians will work on August 24-26. Visitors will be received on August 27-29. An exhibition devoted to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, a display of the latest and prospective arms and hardware, an exhibition of domestic tank construction centenary and military education will be held in pavilions and open sites, Alabino range and Kubinka airfield.

The airpower display at Kubinka airfield will be expanded and renewed this year. It will feature modern engines and hardware, onboard radio and navigational equipment, as well as air weapons.

National displays will increase in number and contents. Alabino and Ashuluk ranges will feature modern Russian arms produced by domestic dual-purpose enterprises. The flight program in Kubinka will be expanded and flight teams of Russia and other countries will perform.

Those who won't be able to attend the live show can see video reports from Alabino and Ashuluk ranges. Live fires of air defense weapons will be held in Astrakhan region to destroy tactical and ballistic missiles and drones. Alabino range will demonstrate multilayered air defense and destruction of drones by missile guns, firearms and electronic warfare. The firing center of Patriot Park will demonstrate the capabilities of modern and prospective small arms.

The business program will discuss the main issues of global politics and state interaction in global security, as well as defense cooperation and arms trade. Noted public figures, leading scientists and designers were invited to moderate.

In 2019, the forum held over 40 meetings and negotiations with delegations from 36 countries. They resulted in contracts and agreements. This year, RosOboronExport will display all segments of the modern arms market. Combat and special weapons will be displayed and operated in the firing center of the Patriot Park, the Military-Industrial Courier said.

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