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IDEX 2021: ADASI EDGE unveils UAE-made Scorpio-S multirole small UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle.

| 2021

The company ADASI, a subdivision of EDGE, a cluster of UAE (United Arab Emirates) of defense and security companies, has launched the Scorpio-S, a new multirole small-size UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) fully developed and designed in UAE.

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The Scorpio-S small UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle at IDEX 2021, international land defense exhibition in Abu Dhabi, UAE. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Scorpio-S is a small UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) that was unveiled by ADASI, a subdivision of EDGE, during the land defense exhibition IDEX in Abu Dhabi, UAE in February 2021. The Scorpio-S is designed to conduct a wide range of missions thanks to the different types of equipment and weapon systems that can be mounted on the UGV.

The Scorpio-S is based on a tracked platform that offering a high level of mobility in all-terrain conditions. The UGV has the capacity to reach a top speed of 12.9 km/h on hard surface. It can negotiate a slide slope of 45° and climbs a stair up to 300mm. It has a weight of 195 kg and a payload of 100 kg.

The Scorpio-S has been designed to conduct missions as counter-terrorism, reconnaissance in hostage situations, and can be used to provide security across strategic facilities. This UGV can be tailored to be used by military or security forces as well as Special Forces.

The Scorpio-S features a wide range of optional functionalities and equipment including a robotic arm capable of lifting 10 kg. In this case, the UGV can be used by EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) team for surveillance and neutralization of explosive threats from a safe standoff distance. The surveillance system enables the robot operator to examine suspicious objects with high resolution in real-time. The robotic arm has a weight of 6.8 kg and can be extended to a maximum length of 1.348 m. The grip mounted on the arm can be used to open doors, provides assistance in scaling obstacles, moving debris, inspecting suspicious items, and manipulate EOD threats.

The Scorpio-S can be also fitted with a remote weapon station armed with one 5.56mm caliber weapon.

The Scorpio-S is controlled by a portable combined remote controller with control panels for the UGV, the RWS (Remote Weapon System), and the PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom) system. It has a communication range of 1.5 km in indoor conditions and 3 km in LOS (line of sight) which is an imaginary line that stretches between the operator and the object that could be manipulated.

In option the Scorpio-S can be fitted with additional features including integrated communication with other UGVs, multi-visual awareness, mesh communication systems topology, mission planning software, interactive geo-map, and mission set up.

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