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Ukraine to sign agreement on military-technical projects with USA.

| 2021

According to Ukrinform, by its order, the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers endorsed the draft agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the Federal Government of the United States on projects in the field of research and development, test and evaluation and authorized Defense Minister Andriy Taran to sign the agreement. The relevant decision was made at the Cabinet’s meeting on July 28, an Ukrinform correspondent reported.
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Ukraine wants to equip its army with new materiel rather than repair old one (Picture source: Ukraine MoD)

According to the explanatory note to the draft document, the conclusion of the agreement is especially important in the current situation in Ukraine as it provides for the development of military-technical projects aimed at equipping the Armed Forces with modern weapons and military hardware according to NATO standards.

“The draft agreement aims to launch projects in the field of research and development, test and evaluation between the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the U.S. Department of Defense and ensure optimal use of relevant capabilities in research and development of new technologies, creating conditions for interoperability and yielding the most efficient and cost-effective results through cooperation in research and development, test and evaluation,” the explanatory note reads.

As noted, the implementation of joint projects under the agreement will be carried out within the state budget expenditures provided by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for research and development or research work in accordance with the budget section "Development, procurement, modernization, and repair of weapons and military hardware, tools and equipment".

In 2020, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine had the greatest military-technical cooperation with the United States, Turkey, Great Britain, Israel, Iraq, and France.


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