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Eurosatory 2022 will also present solutions responding to humanitarian and environmental crises.

| 2022

Eurosatory 2022 Defense and Security Exhibition that will be held in Paris, France, from 13 to 17 June 2022, will also include an area dedicated to the response to humanitarian and environmental crises
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Eurosatory 2022 will be held in Paris, France from 13 to 17 June 2022. (Picture source: COGES Events)

The world is facing an increasing number of crises affecting people and the environment, due to conflicts, climate change and industrial disasters. Examples are multiplying. Let us remember the floods in Breil Sur Roya, Australia, Germany or the fires in California, Amazonia, or recently in Mexico. The explosion in Beirut, the fire at the Lubrizol chemical plant in Rouen... In any case, the urgency of preserving lives and/or the environment is at the core of the issues.

The characteristic of these emergency situations is that they require an immediate and global, adapted, multidisciplinary and coordinated response. In two months, Eurosatory will present its French capability demonstrator "HELPED by COGES Events" to the visitors of the exhibition, in order to respond to these multiform crises.

HELPED by COGES Events, a global response to a multitude of crises

HELPED or Humanitary Emergency Logistic Project and Eco-Development, was specifically designed to provide a concrete, global and suitable response to different crises. This project began with the observation that the principles of the French military doctrine of intervention, stabilization and normalization follow a very similar pattern to those governing humanitarian and development actions. The offer is also there as a large number of defence and security industrialists also produce for humanitarian organizations, for French and foreign communities, and for the United Nations.

Helped by COGES Events aims to respond to three proposals of the information report n° 4912 of the French National Assembly tabled by the European Affairs Committee on European Civil Protection:

- Reinforce national capacities rather than letting them be overwhelmed by a crisis
- Expand centers of expertise on new themes, in the image of NEMAUSUS 1
- Develop and diversify RescUE 2 by capitalizing on the storage of materials useful in the context of hybrid crises

A « versatile » demonstrator

COGES Events, organizer of EUROSATORY, has created a demonstrator capable of responding to all the crises likely to affect human health, habitat, identity, cyberspace and functioning. The demonstrator is materialised by a catalog of products and services which:

• Offers a complete French solution to all the crises that can overlap and affect women and men exponentially.
• Opens up a new, coherent and wide-ranging field dedicated to disasters, humanitarian aid and reconstruction.
• Initiates an in-depth reflection on the establishment of a dedicated European action force.

To discover HELPED by COGES Events in an original and immersive way in the new outdoor demonstration area of Eurosatory 2022. REGISTER HERE TO VISIT EUROSATORY 2022

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