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WDS 2022: POF Pakistan Ordnance Factories showcases new BW-20 Battle Rifle in three variants.

| 2022

After testing modern new combat rifles (SCAR-H, Beretta ARX-200, CZ Bren 2), POF's engineers evaluated the results and decided to develop a new combat rifle using G3 roller delay lockout, Infantry News reports. BW20 refers to "battle weapon" designed in 2020.

Army Recognition Official Show Daily News and Web TV UMEX 2020 925 001
Heir of the G3 (top), the BW-20 Battle Rifle has been developed in three variants that vary mainly (but not exclusively) by their barrel length (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Although engineers planned to call this rifle BR20 at first, this abbreviation is already widely used in the Pakistani army. So, to avoid confusion, manufacturers use BW (Battle Weapon) as the abbreviation. Although the BW20 uses a roller delay lock, this weapon is not simply an upgraded version of G3. In order to reduce production costs, 30% of the parts in BW20 can be used for G3. The production equipment can continue to use the existing G3 production equipment. In addition, the parts of the weapon are also greatly reduced. The whole gun contains only 125 parts, while the G3 contains more than 200 parts.

Currently, Infantry News continues, POF is showing a pre-production prototype of the weapon in three variants according to the barrel length, as it will be explained in a video interview to be broadcasted on Army Recognition’s Defense Web TV. The final version plans to install an empty warehouse hang-up structure, double-sided magazine release and double-sided fast and slow-motion machines. The lower receiver of the prototype machine uses aluminum alloy cutting, while the mass production model uses polymer to make the lower receiver. The weapon uses AR-10 magazines for ammunition, and the trigger design refers to AR15. The buttstock design also refers to AR15, but in order to reduce the aiming baseline, the buttstock part is equipped with a larger cheek.

The official production model will be compatible with a variety of different AR15 butts. The pull handle is located on the left side of the weapon. Under special circumstances, the pull handle can be replaced on the right side of the weapon. The standard model will be equipped with a 16-inch barrel, while the Carbine model is equipped with a 12-inch barrel. A marksman version is also aimed at the national army and the international market. Currently, POF also plans to develop 5.56mm and 7.62x39mm caliber models. The 5.56mm type is expected to be universal AR15 magazines, and the 7.62x39mm type is expected to be universal AK magazines. In addition, POF also plans to develop a semi-automatic version for the civilian market.

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