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ROTZLER Eurosatory 2010 Experts for innovative recovery army military vehicles technology germany.

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Eurosatory 2010 International Land Airland Homeland Defence Week Exhibition 14 - 18 June 2010
Paris - France
ROTZLER at Eurosatory 2010
Thursday , 20 May 2010, 20:33
“ROTZLER-based” – The New Quality Seal for Premium Recovery Vehicles

ROTZLER has been a leading supplier of high-performance winches and accessories for major OEMs of recovery vehicles (RVs) for many decades. Close cooperation with our customers has resulted in a steady increase in the number of projects for which ROTZLER is called upon to provide support for design, production, supply logistics, training sessions and much more.

Modern RVs are complex systems fitted with a variety of equipment that is used to fulfil diverse tasks, including pulling, hoisting and towing of heavy loads. But RVs equally have to satisfy other exacting demands, e.g. concerning armour protection or ensuring a high degree of mobility, which pose a great challenge for vehicle manufacturers. Thanks to ROTZLER's support, OEMs are thus free to concentrate on their core competence - vehicle manufacturing - while ROTZLER makes sure the special requirements placed on recovery equipment are met.

To this end, 2005 saw ROTZLER begin developing an overarching package that would not only include fundamental concepts for hydraulics, electronics, operation and control elements, associated products, various services as well as software developments, but would also meet all OEM demands associated with RV development. This all-round concept is based on ROTZLER's many years of experience in designing and manufacturing winches, which number among the key components aboard an RV. Coupled with modern design principles, knowledge gained during countless user trials all over the world has been key to developing innovative RV concepts. As a result, ROTZLER is ideally positioned to act both as a supplier of components and an advisor for OEMs during the vehicle design phase.

In addition to being a unified expression of conceptual, production and design principles, the new "ROTZLER-based" label certifies that only state-of-the-art technologies and products were used. The new label also stands for optimised efficiency, user-friendly operation, on-target maintenance, outstanding operational availability and excellent value for money, all of which are crucial factors - and not just for RV OEMs. Modern military organisations, in particular, know how important first-class recovery vehicles are, especially from the experience gained during past and current deployments.

The "ROTZLER-based" label is a quality seal for the finished product. All components required to achieve this end result can be obtained from ROTZLER and include equipment components, software development, system integration, maintenance tools as well as numerous other services. ROTZLER know-how forms the basis for all of these products and services. In a nutshell: "ROTZLER-based" systems are the - very literal - result of applied ROTZLER expertise.

Further information on the new "ROTZLER based" label can be obtained from the team of ROTZLER experts at EUROSATORY 2010 in Paris, hall 6, stand H701 (German Pavillon).

ROTZLER is one of the world’s leading providers of winches and systems for hoisting and pulling heavy loads. Specific fields of application for ROTZLER products include industrial goods such as cranes, drilling rigs or marine equipment, as well as recovery vehicles and military operations where we can even assume responsibility for entire systems on request. As a traditional, family-run company headquartered in the south of Germany’s Black Forest, ROTZLER is an international player with subsidiaries located in Canada and Korea. At present, the company employs a workforce of approximately 180 people.
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