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For the first time in Europe Dicom highlights its RF40 Thoroughbred tactical communication system 20051534.

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IDET 2015
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International Defence & Security Technologies Fair
19 - 21 May 2015
Brno, Czech Republic
DICOM at IDET 2015
For the first time in Europe Dicom highlights its RF40 Thoroughbred tactical communication system
With 22 years of experience in developing contemporary military tactical communication equipment, Czech company DICOM has just launched its new RF40 Tactical Radiocommunication System. Codenamed RF40 Thoroughbred, the system is third in successful line of tactical communication systems, each featuring portable and vehicular form factors, various waveforms, voice and data capabilities and wide range of accessories for diverse operational requirements in all corners of the world.
For the first time in Europe Dicom highlights its RF40 Thoroughbred tactical communication system At IDET 2015 DICOM presents its solutions for tactical radio communications

While the previous two systems (RF13 and RF20) remain in DICOM's product portfolio, the RF40, besides maintaining full backward compatibility in basic and advanced modes with them, adds many additional attractive features to widen the company's offering with the current trends in tactical radio communications. The RF40 system is based on the philosophy that combines proven secure technology with frequency hopping along with transmission security with the current trend focusing on high-speed data transfers and multi-channel solutions.

Building on a tradition of robust and reliable secure narrowband voice and IP data modes of its predecessors, the systems adds wideband data transfer capabilities and multi-channel solutions introducing a new true-MANET waveform, operating in bandwidth saving channel of 250 kHz and usable both in VHF and UHF frequency ranges. This waveform marked as WF40 has been developed with a view of reaching high data rates in all available frequency bands and retaining good communication ranges in real-life battlefield conditions with assured communication security. Other features of the waveform comprise of ad-hoc network topology with multiple rebroadcasting capability, automatic background dissemination of position location information (PLI) gathered from three navigation systems (GPS, Galileo and Glonass), two voice plus one data virtual channels within one physical radio channel, AES block cipher etc. The core of the RF40 system consists of handheld multiband radio (30-512 MHz) with output power of up to 10 W, expandable with a Mission Module, accommodating broadband communication module for L-band or S-band making it a fully fledged two-channel handheld radio. Optional module for communication over satellite is also available.

The radio itself features also the option of a simple cable connection to the main types of globally used tactical radios forming a cross-bridge networking solution with different waveforms, encryption technologies and properties Beside a basic handheld version a vehicle-mounted variant is secured with the VA40 compact amplifier with an output power of 50 W. into which the RF40 transceiver is docked in a simple way (supports jerk-and-run). The amplifier may be optionally fitted with an efficient co-site filter and another amplifier for the L-band/S-band broadband channel.

If you are interested by DICOM's RF40 or by any others communication systems, visit DICOM's booth at IDET 2015: hall P, n°006.



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