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Indonesia would like to develop its military collaboration with Russia Mi-35P helicopter Su-30MK2 SU.

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Saturday, 23 October 2010, 20:28 PM

Indonesia would like to develop its military collaboration with Russia.
Indonesia would like to develop the military cooperation and technique with Russia, said to RIA Novosti the Indonesian minister of Defense Purnomo Yusgiantoro after the handing-over of three Russian helicopters of Mii-35P transport to the armed forces of the country.

Russian fighting helicopter Mi-35P

We will develop the co-operation with Russia in the field of the armaments ", it affirmed at the end of a solemn ceremony which proceeded in suburbs of Jakarta.These three helicopters came to supplement the park of the Russian helicopters available to the Indonesian army. According to the minister, this park currently counts five Mi-35P and six Mi-17V5.

“Our main aim is to train a complete flotilla of SU Aircrafts”, it declared, specifying that “its composition was fixed at 16 planes”.“We have for the moment only ten Su, but when there is 16 of them, that will not be long in exerting an effect of dissuasion on any attacker eager to violate our national sovereignty”, estimated the interlocutor of the agency.

In 2003, Indonesia bought in Russia four fighting aircrafts. In August 2007, the countries concluded a contract from delivery of six other planes. Under the terms of this document, three Su-30MK2 were given to the Indonesian part on February 2nd, 2009 and three SU-27SKM at the end of September 2010.

Last week, the Indonesian vice-minister of Defence, Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin stated that its country was studying the offers of delivery of two submarines presented by Russia and South Korea.


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