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New Mi-38 CargoTransport helicopter accomplished first Kazan-Moscow flight Russian industry 281210-1.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010, 18:29 PM

New Mi-38 Cargo/Transport helicopter accomplished first Kazan-Moscow flight.
Kazan - Moscow December 2010 – The No.2 prototype of the new civil medium-class passenger/transport Mi-38 helicopter accomplished the first long-haul flight. Mi-38 took off in Kazan, where the manufacturer, Kazan Helicopters, is situated. It covered over 800 km and arrived in Moscow to continue testing program at Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, designer of this rotorcraft.
Russian Mi-38 Helicopter first long-haul flight video


Kazan-Moscow flight also makes part of the new helicopter’s flight testing and, according to the manufacturer’s expertise, it went very well. Earlier in in the course of trials Mi-38 prototype performed 29 ground runs and in 16 sorties in hovering and low-speed modes above runway clocking up 5 flight hours in total.

At the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant base situated at the territory of Russian Helicopters’ Scientific-technical Complex in Tomilino (Moscow region) the new civil Mi-38 and its capabilities were demonstrated to the representatives of Russian operating companies, as well as to the potential customers from state aviation agencies.

Mi-38 No.2 prototype is fitted with turboshaft PW 127/5 engines by Pratt & Whitney Canada along with the up-to-date IBKO-38 avionics suite by Tranzas implementing the glass-cockpit concept. The helicopter can optionally be equipped with Russian TV7-117V power plants.

Medium-class passenger/transport Mi-38 helicopter is intended for passenger transportation (including VIP travel), ferrying cargo inside cabin and on the external sling, performing SAR, support off-shore operations. It can be also equipped as a flying hospital. As per the developers’ plans Mi-38 shall sport expanded load-carrying capacity and high speed. Mi-38 is being designed with spacious cargo-and-passenger cabin and boasts high engine efficiency. Maintenance unit man-hours may be reduced due to introduction of in-built automated serviceability check system for avionics, major systems, aggregates and engines.

According to Kazan Helicopters, Mi-38 is a new-gen rotorcraft able to ensure the highest levels of safety and comfort in its class.

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