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Lithuanian Army unveils plans to expand its military training capabilities 22004163.

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Lithuanian Army unveils plans to expand its military training capabilities
The Lithuanian army on Tuesday presented plans to refurbish and expand military training infrastructure and new facilities amid intensifying national and joint international military drills in the Baltic country. According to the announcement from the country's defense ministry, the army has planned developments at five training areas to expand the sites and adapt it to new equipment.
Lithuanian Amry unveils plans to expand its military training capabilities 640 001Lithuanian Army's new urban warfare training center recently unveiled to the press
(Credit: Lithuanian MoD)
Amid growing attention to hybrid and urban warfare threats, the Lithuanian army has made the biggest developments in urban warfare training areas. This year, the army is to finalize an urban warfare project in eastern Lithuania designed to train military operations in populated areas. According to the army, the project is the first urban warfare training complex among the Baltic States.

The chief of General Silvestras Zukauskas training area in Pabrade, Captain Nerijus Rocevicius, told Lithuanian national radio LTR the area would have ordinary houses inhabited with military personnel during military drills.

"Military units will train how to fight under the conditions of a populated area at this area," said Rocevicius.

He noted the urban warfare complex would be operational as of late summer this year.

The conditions in an artificial town will be suitable to train forces of a size of battalion unit and support elements, such as artillery, mortars, air-defense and antitank systems. The area will be expanded from 8,500 hectares to 17,600 hectares and will have its own railway by 2022.

In recent years, Lithuania has strengthened its defense capabilities by ramping up defense spending, reintroducing mandatory military service, modernizing military equipment, and intensifying national and joint military exercises.

Lithuania will conduct at least 13 national and international military drills this year. The small Baltic country cites increased geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe as one reason for the military initiative.


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