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Nexter Eurosatory 2010 VBMR EBRC XP2 VBCI APC ARX20 Aravis Caesar Mk2 France French defense industry.

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Eurosatory 2010 International Land Airland Homeland Defence Week Exhibition 14 - 18 June 2010
Paris - France
Nexter at Eurosatory 2010
Friday 18 June 2010, 11:25 AM
Nexter launches new version of Aravis, Caesar and other products at Eurosatory 2010.
During this edition 2010 of the International Defense Exhibition 2010, the French Defense Company Nexter the company presents its last technological innovations on its closed booth.
On its booth, Nexter presents a whole range of products which that they already are or will soon be in service with the French forces in overseas theaters. Within the framework of the UNIFIL operations in Lebanon, Leclerc main battle tanks, AUF1 self-propelled artillery vehicles, and AMX10P infantry combat vehicles will all be used by a battle group. Afghanistan is the first operational theater where VBCI (infantry armored combat vehicle) will be deployed, along with ARAVIS® highly protected armored vehicle, and CAESAR artillery system. Already on site are the renovated AMX10RCs and all the 30-mm gun systems mounted on Tiger helicopter of the French Army light aviation forces (ALAT), Mirage 2000s and Rafales of the French Air Force, and the SEMs of the Naval Aviation. Every one of these land or airborne systems can use the whole range of munitions produced by the Nexter Group's subsidiary Nexter Munitions.
Once again this year, the Group's modernized range of products and service features a great number of new systems and features.
VBCI APC with new upgrade armour
The VBCI is presented at Eurosatory 2010 in its very strongly protected Armored Personnel Carrier version. The APC (VTT) version can be used to carry a complete "digitized" combat group, with all its equipment, under unequalled comfort and protection conditions. This VBCI is protected, in particular, against rockets of the RGP type by a combination of Nexter SlatAlu and RUAG Sidepro armor systems. The vehicle's weapon system consists of a remotely operated 12.7 mm cupola. Direct external all-round vision is achieved by means of a CEPIA system (enhanced episcope ring).

VBCI APC with upgrade armour kit Data Sheet

Two new version of Aravis high protected armoured vehicle
Aravis® is presented in three versions, two of which are new versions. VBHP (standing for highly protected armored vehicle as named in the French Army's inventory) Aravis® is the vehicle that will be deployed (ten units approx.) in Afghanistan in 2010 for use by the anti-IED engineering units.
The observation Aravis features a telescopic mast called Margot from Thales. The vehicle is designed specifically for battlefield detection and surveillance missions and offers the same high level of protection as all the other members of the Aravis® family.
The last new version is the Aravis® gunfire support fitted with the remotely-operated ARX®20 cupola developed by Nexter Systems. Its 20- mm gun offers the crew a firing power and the desired precision over a distance in excess of 1500 m, without collateral damages. This vehicle can accommodate a crew of 5.
Finally, Aravis® can also be easily reconfigured as a command post vehicle, with a self-defense cupola and a workspace for 4 personnel.

Three versions of the High Protected armoured vehicle Nexter Aravis
The Caesar Mk2, a new version of the wheeled self-propelled howitzer
Caesar® artillery system which has been deployed in Afghanistan and has already been sold to three customers (183 systems effectively ordered), is presented in a version featuring highly improved performance capabilities. The new cabin of Caesar® Mk2 is in fact capable of withstanding ballistic level-2 and 3A/2B mine aggressions (as per Stanag 4569). Otherwise Caesar® Mk2 offers all the strong characteristics that have made Caesar® a success (long range, accuracy, fully automatic aiming, and setting-up/salvo firing/exit time lower than three minutes. A crew from the French Army recently managed to fire eight munitions in less than one minute, during a demonstration.

Caesar Mk2 self-propelled howitzer
The maintenance of the main battle tank Leclerc
On the Nexter booth a Leclerc main battle tank is showed with the power pack apart of the vehicle that has just been overhauled at the company's plant in Roanne. Even though Leclerc tank is no longer in production, Nexter is still devoting massive resources to keeping it as efficient as possible. In particular, Nexter Systems is also strongly involved in the project of its customers in France and the Arab Emirates to prepare their Leclerc renovation projects, both in a partnering approach and striving to attain optimum cost/performance solutions. These projects will make it possible to keep Leclerc fleet fully operational until 2040.

Leclerc Main battle tank
Nexter ARX®20 cupola
ARX®20 cupolas comes as a true alternate solution, compared to the 12.7-mm systems and the turrets fitted with a 25- or 30-mm gun with its compactness and low weight similar to 12.7 machine guns, 20 mm guns fire more powerful projectiles. The system can easily be installed on any types of carriers, including light all-track vehicles. ARX®20 can be used to fire as you go and is capable of engaging targets from a distance in excess of 2,000 meters. The cupola has an all weather, day/night and all-round observation capability and is also well suited for secure missions and for combat in urban areas.

ARX20 Cupola 20 mm gun system
Nexter's weapon systems can all fire the whole range of modern munitions from Nexter Munitions, whose latest items include just added 25-mm Airburst, 30-mm super safe and 120-mm HE munitions. Safety, accuracy and terminal effect control are key technological objectives pursued by Nexter Munitions. The company has won a number of research contracts for metric precision munitions (MPM) and is strongly involved in the qualification of 40CTA munitions.
Nexter services and its technological innovations
The Group present all its logistic service solutions in a dedicated centre. Nexter has won several innovative logistic support contracts with the French Army, which is based on a sustained availability commitment. Leclerc fleet SSPP, and VBCI MLS should become reference models for all logistic service contracts, as extended to innovative outsourced services.
Several technology demonstrators are showed , including SCIP1 - which is the result of our BOA work and is Nexter's component at the Technical-Operational Laboratory that will be developed under Scorpion program; OVIDE video surveillance system carried on board armoured vehicles; Safepro® anti-mine seats; the extended-field CEPIA viewing ring; and the Protecsit area defence system. MEMS applied to munitions will also have a place of honor, as two engineers from Nexter Munitions will receive the Ingénieur Général Chanson award during a ceremony hosted by Gicat on Wednesday 16 June.
Visitors will be able to immerse in a 3D Aravis® installed in a room equipped with a collaborative engineering tool designed to facilitate the dialogue between our engineers and our customers during the development of new products.
Finally, Nexter will present its brand new XP2 technology demonstrator. This system is designed to demonstrate the Nexter Systems' expert skills in such areas as mobility, protection, human factors, compliance with environmental standards and vetronics. The solutions and technologies we have developed can be used on VBMR (multirole armored vehicle), EBRC (reconnaissance and combat armoured vehicle) and on any combat platform of the 18-24 t class.
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