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Russian army gives up the Topol-M system to replace it by RS-24 intercontinental ballistic missile.

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Tuesday , 30 November 2010, 10:00

The Russian army gives up the Topol-M system to replace it by RS-24 missile.
The Russian strategic ballistic Troops give up the mobile version of the intercontinental missile Topol-M to the profit of RS-24 missile with multiple heads, announced Tuesday November 30, 2010, the commander of the troops, the general Sergueï Karakaïev.

“The mobile complex equipped with an intercontinental ballistic missile RS-24 is a modernized version of system RS-12M2 Topol-M. We took into account the experiment of exploitation of the mobile missiles of fifth generation. The RS-24 showed its reliability during the trial period. It will thus be delivered to the ballistic troops instead of Topol-M”, indicated the commander to the journalists.

However, the ballistic troops do not give up the version out of silo missile of fifth generation Topol-M. “New Topol-M out of silo will be delivered to the regiments of ballistic Troops in 2011”, added the general.

The missile Topol-M (code NATO SS-27 Sickle B1) is the first missile developed by Russia after the end of USSR. With a great manoeuvrability (it crosses any anti-missile shield), very discrete and easy to deploy, Topol-M exists in mobile version and fixed.

The RS-24 (code NATO SS-X-29), missile with solid fuel, and three floors, is a derived version from Topol-M.


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