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ADEX Seoul 2009 International defense Exhibition for South Korea and Korean Defense Products.

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Seoul ADEX 2009
International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition

Seoul Airport, Korea
20 - 25 October 2009

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SEOUL ADEX 2009 Air Show and Defense Exhibition
Monday, 02 November 2009, 11:05
ADEX 2009 not ready to be a International Defense Exhibition.

ADEX Seoul 2009 International defense Exhibition for South Korea and Korean Defense Products

The team of the International Defense magazine was very disappointed about the International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition Seoul 2009. ADEX 2009 was presented as an International event, but most of the Companies were Korean or American.
With regard to the air Show, that was limited to a few minutes of aircraft display, concentrated on the production of Korean aircrafts. Even the presence of the new transport aircraft A380 did not value the Korean Air Show, which did not always to make his daily flight demonstration.

For the land part, a great number of equipment and armoured vehicles were exposed on the military airport tracks of Seoul, but concentrated on small surfaces, which made impossible to take good pictures of each vehicle.
In the program of the activities Seoul 2009, a dynamic demonstration was announced in order to show operational capacities of the last Korean productions of tanks and armored vehicles. We sought without success, to be able to attend this demonstration which was reserved to visitors VIP. For us, this demonstration was one of our motivations to cover this event. Moreover, this demonstration proceeded with more than 5 hours of road of Seoul, and no means of transport had been envisaged by the organizers for the press people.

During the press conference for the opening of Seoul ADEX 2009, the organizers stated that the objective of the defense Exhibition ADEX was to increase the exportation of Korean defense products and technologies. Considering the small of interest by the organization for the International press, it will be difficult to develop the Korean products by the intermediary of the international press, a great value for the communication and marketing on the world level.
The Seoul Air Show 2009 did not understand the importance of the international press to diffuse information about the capacities of Korean defense technologies and engineering on the worldwide level.

To finish, we already took part in several defence exhibition in the world, where we have each time obtained close cooperation with the organization to make our press reports under the best conditions.
In short, the Air Show and defence exhibition ADEX 2009 is a Korean Defense Exhibition for Korean, if he wants to increase his international significance, he must improve his relation with the international press and, to ensure a better service to the foreign visitors of his exhibition.

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