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Yugoimport presents latest generation of self-propelled howitzer 155 mm Nora M03 IndoDefence 2010.

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Indo Defence 2010
4Th Indonesia Tri Service Defence & Aerospace Exhibition

Jakarta , Indonesia
10 - 13 November 2010
YugoImport at IndoDefence 2010

Thursday, 11 November 2010,18:24 PM

Yugoimport presents its latest generation of self-propelled howitzer 155 mm Nora M03.
The latest technology and design were applied in designing of the third generation of 155 mm M03 (NORA K-I) Truck mounted Artillery System, which resulted in multiple savings in time as well as in the increased accuracy. The weapon is modular, which provides for the delivery of a number different options depending of the users choice.

The Nora B-52 is an Serbian-made self-propelled 152 mm howitzer. The Nora B-52 was designed with a modified version of the 152 mm field gun-howitzer M84 NORA-A mounted on an 8x8 truck chassis.

Its test trials have already been completed with great success and enthusiasm from Serbian officers and it has started active production. Serbia has also stated its intent to export the Nora B-52 to Asian countries with a presentation at the International Defence Exhibition IndoDefence 2010.

Video Nora B-52 M03 wheeled self-propelled howitzer YugoImport Serbia


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