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ZSMU-70 MSPO 2010 remote control weapon systems turret 70 mm rocket launcher Poland Polish defense.

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MSPO 2010 , Kielce, Poland
18th International Defence Industry Exhibition

06 - 09 September 2010
Polish Remote weapon system ZSMU-70

Thursday , 08 September 2010, 14:00 PM

The new Polish remote weapon system with rocket launcher and machine gun, ZSMU-70

TUR II wheeled armoured vehicle with remote control weapons system ZSMU-70
At the International Defense Industry Exhibition MSPO 2010, the Polish Company AMZ presents to his booth a mockup of the new remote control weapons system, “ZSMU-70”, mounted to the top of the wheeled armoured vehicle TUR 2. It is a common development project, carried out by the consortium of Polish company composed by, OBRSM (Master of project), ZM Mesko, Bumar, ITWL iWB Electronics and the Technical Institute of Warszawa. The prototype of the remote control turret ZSMU-70 should be made for the end of 2011.

ZSMU-70 remote control weapons turret with 70 mm calibre rocket launcher and 7.62 mm machine gun
The remote-controlled weapon system ZSMU-70 is intended to engage air and ground targets. The ZSMU-70 is equipped with a system of rocket launcher of 70 mm calibre, with four tubes launcher, able to engage various types of air targets, as well as rockets with laser guidance system. A 7.62 mm calibre machine gun UKM-2000C is mounted to the right side of the rocket launcher system. The turret ZSMU-70 can be mounted to a broad range of armoured vehicle by operating in an autonomous way or before a external computer control. Moreover, the remote turret system ZSMU-70 can be mounted to a ground station making it possible to have a system of multipurpose armament for the protection of strategic installations. Two lines of smoke-grenades discharger are mounted to the front side of the turret.

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